Saturday, August 10, 2013

Triple Threat Rockport Half Marathon Recap

Last weekend, one of my most special friends from back home in Chicago came to visit me.  I was SO excited!  Amy is one of those friends who I only get to see about once a year, but when we're back together, it's like we were never apart.  We ran our first race together back in 2008 in Chicago, when we were crazy enough to take on an obstacle run-bike race called the Muddy Buddy together.
Our finish line victory!
 Last year, we got together in Louisville, Kentucky for the Kentucky Derby Marathon.  Amy ran the half and I ran the full, and we had the time of our lives together on a road trip from Chicago and exploring the city!  

Enjoying a well-earned post race drink!
 This year, Amy had the idea of signing up for a race together while she was visiting the East Coast, so we signed up for the Rockport marathon in a beautiful coastal town in Massachusetts a few months ago.  We were looking forward to crossing the finish line together for the first time, and couldn't wait for our weekend together!

A few weeks before the race, when we were both looking through the runners' packet, we came across the elevation map, and were slightly horrified by the rolling hills.  That combined with the 10:15 am start time in the heat of summer made for two VERY nervous runners!  Since we figured we would be running at a dead-slow pace, we thought we might as well look good, so thanks to some amazing online shopping, we bought matching sequined running skirts and headbands!  Check out our pre-race photo... pretty awesome.

Still in denial about the race at this point!
 We got lots of comments about our great matching outfits from the race photographers and spectators, which made the run even more fun!  Although it was hilly, we were lucky to have a cloudy day with a cool breeze, and the most beautiful ocean views you can imagine.  It was the perfect race day!  

And this is why I love racing in New England
 Although it was a really challenging course, we had a TON of fun posing for some of the best race photos I think I have ever taken.  I mean, it takes some serious talent to look good in race photos, and I think Amy and I mastered that pretty well!  I never buy race photos, but I think I won't be able to resist one of these!  Check them out:

Feeling great!
Doesn't get better than that!
We did it!!
I have run some pretty amazing races all around the country and the world, but nothing compares with crossing the finish line hand in hand with one of my most special friends.  We've been through so much together, and now being able to share the struggle and the triumph of marathoning together just makes our friendship even more incredible.

I love that the medals matched our skirts!
After the race, we grabbed armloads of water bottles and snacks, and collapsed on the grass near the finish line.  I can't even begin to say what I ate within a half hour of the finish, all while lying in the grass... it was pretty impressive, even for me!  After pulling ourselves together and enjoying a nice lunch in Rockport, we headed back to Quincy for a shower and a much-needed nap (Did I mention we had a 5 am wake-up call for the race?  Yikes!)

Once we were clean and well-rested, we headed to the Hingham Shipyard for our victory dinner.  After a beautiful walk along the harbor as the sun was setting, we settled down for dinner along the waterfront.  I had a watermelon beer, which was pretty much phenomenal.  

Obligatory marathon medal & victory drink photo!

Our post-race celebration was amazing, and the perfect ending to such a special weekend.  I can't wait to start planning our next race adventure together! 


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  1. Omg love everything about this recap, especially this part: "We've been through so much together, and now being able to share the struggle and the triumph of marathoning together just makes our friendship even more incredible." Sums it up just. perfectly. I love you!