Sunday, August 11, 2013

New England Escapades: Cape Cod Edition

While my friend Amy was visiting from Chicago, in addition to crossing our first finish line together, hand in hand, we had some incredible New England adventures!  I am convinced that Amy is meant to live in Boston with me, and hopefully last weekend convinced her of that truth as well!

We spent Thursday afternoon relaxing with drinks by the pool, and resting up for the adventure that we knew was in store!  It reminded me how AMAZING it is to leave work just a few hours early, and that I need to do this much more often! 

Why can't I have poolside happy hour EVERY day??
 On Thursday night, we headed to Marina Bay in Quincy for dinner on the boardwalk.  Luckily, the impending storm held out long enough for a dinner on the waterfront and a walk along Squantum Point Park.

Gotta love living so close to this!
On Friday morning, we drove to the Long Wharf in downtown Boston to catch the fast ferry to Provincetown on the Cape.  It was rainy and cold - not exactly the ideal beach day, so we were getting nervous!  When a car sped through a puddle and soaked both Amy and I with a tidal wave splash, it sort of topped off the morning!  Luckily, as soon as we neared P-Town, the sun came out and the first hints of blue skies appeared!  

Can't beat Cape living!
We had a fun morning exploring the Commercial Street shops as it got warmer and sunnier - the perfect Cape day!  I absolutely loved all of the unique Cape shops, and walking along the bustling streets lined with beautiful flowering bushes and Cape houses in every shade of pastel imaginable.  What an amazing getaway!  We discovered a unique used book store, where I purchased a new beach read (which I managed to finish that very weekend!) 

Yes, it was as cool as it looks!
After lunch, we decided to rent bikes and explore the trails along the National Seashore.  What an adventure!  We essentially had the path to ourselves as we explored miles of the Beech Forest trails, winding through lush foliage and glistening ponds.  As we began the climb through the dunes to Race Point and the beach, the trail became very hilly, so I was excited when we got our first glimpse of ocean!

Totally exhausted in this photo!
We had a much-needed rest on the beach, which was also surprisingly empty, enjoying the sound of waves crashing upon the shore and soaking up the summer sun.  It was like paradise!

No one I'd rather be there with!
After riding back to the bike shop, we were exhausted.  A stroll along the ocean and some more shopping were definitely in order!  Tough day...

Back on the southern coast of P-Town!
For dinner, we found an amazing hole-in-the-wall Italian restaurant on an oceanfront pier, where we were given a table overlooking the open kitchen with a water view.  I loved that as several older couples entered the restaurant, they knew the hostess by name, and the waitress and chef knew just how they liked their meal cooked.  We had found a real "locals" spot!  

Pre-race carb loading at its very best!
While waiting for the return ferry, we read on the pier, and watched the sun set over Provincetown - the perfect end to the perfect day!  It was felt good just to sit and relax, after our day of adventures in the sun!  

I love New England SO much!

After such a rainy and dreary start, I felt so lucky to have had a beautiful, sunny day of exploration in P-Town with a special friend to share it with! 
It really doesn't get any better!

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