Monday, August 26, 2013

Demotivational Monday

I decided to participate in Rachel's Demotivational Monday linkup.  I just love this idea!  I'm not super techy as blogs go yet, but hopefully this is a good try!  

I know some runners have a great internal GPS, but I manage to get lost during nearly every long run I attempt.  Trail runs are almost completely out of the question.  I always end up with awesome Garmin maps like the one from my Sunday adventure below! 


  1. Oh that is so funny! I'm glad you finally found your car! :)

    Thanks for joining the link up!

  2. Thanks!! I have had that "oh my God, I am never going to see my car again" a few times since moving to Massachusetts about four years ago, and it never stops being totally terrifying each time I get hopelessly lost on a long run! Oh well... a sense of direction has never been one of my strengths!