1. Volunteer abroad
2. Start a Junior Achievement program at work
3. Walk the Camino de Santiago
4. Have my own house
5. Finish my master's degree
6. Run an ultra marathon
7. Grow a garden
8. Complete a century bike ride
9. Qualify for the Boston Marathon
10. Learn Sign Language
11. Go sky diving
12. Visit the Pyramids of Giza
13. Hike in Peru
14. Go white water rafting
15. Complete a marathon on all 7 continents
16. Learn to swim
17. Live in a monastery abroad for a week
18. Have a happiness project
19. Become a certified accountant
20. Find a volunteer project and dedicate myself to it
21. Achieve FACHE
22. Take a bartending course
23. Run a sub 4-hour marathon
24. Write in my blog regularly for a year
25. Run with the bulls
26. Be certified as a personal trainer
27. Swim with dolphins
28. Learn yoga
29. Attend the Olympics
30. Go to Times Square on New Years Eve
31. Write letters to my past teachers and let them know how much they've influenced my life
32. See the Northern Lights
33. Get a black belt in karate
34. Go wine-tasting in Napa
35. Make a difference for someone with Crohn's
36. Become a hospital CEO
37. Get a tattoo
38. Be complaint-free for 30 days
39. Lean to play tennis
40. Keep a gratitude journal for one year
41. Finish my CMPE certification
42. Get an article published
43. Live in a new city
44. Learn to parallel park
45. Run a sub-2 hour half marathon
46. Join a running club
47. Complete a sprint triathlon
48. Go hot air ballooning
49. Do a 30-day plank challenge
50. Stick to a budget

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