Saturday, August 31, 2013

The Great Outdoors: Blue Hills Trail Running

After a long run last Saturday, I ventured out for a shorter (but in many ways more challenging) trail run in the Blue Hills on Sunday.  I absolutely love exploring new trails in the Blue Hills and getting hopelessly lost.  It's something about that feeling of discovery and adventure that gets me every time!

This is how all good adventures start!

I started out following the green-dot trail near the Blue Hills weather observatory along Wolcott Path.  The soft dirt and pine needle-laden trail combined with the shade of tall oaks made for a fast first few miles.  Then, I inevitably lost the trail, but came upon the most beautiful field of wildflowers in the middle of a clearing.
This is why I love trail running
Once I get distracted by the beautiful scenery, all sense of following a certain trail goes right out the window!  There were a few trail maps, but with the confluence of unmarked paths jutting out in every direction, I had no hope of figuring out where I was.  So, I depended on my trusty (okay awful) sense of direction to find my way out!
I think these maps were meant for people much better at directions than I am!
 As I kept running, the trail got a bit rougher, with roots from the huge oaks darting across the path at seemingly unpredictable intervals.  Being an undeniable klutz, I saved myself from imminent disaster a few times, and managed to avoid falling flat on my face through nothing less than a miracle! 
See what I mean?  Downright hazardous if you're me!
I also managed to come upon a beautiful pond, that I never knew existed in this part of the Blue Hills.  I had to stop for a photo opportunity, because it was just so gosh-darn pretty!  (And I was WAY out of breath after running a few more miles than originally anticipated, so it was a pretty great excuse to rest!)
Perfect place for a hamstring stretch!
After my 5-mile run turned into a 9-mile run, I finally found the green-dot trail again and made my way back.  Another trail run success!  I will never get tired of these totally-lost-but-totally-loving-it adventures! 


  1. I have the same problem when trail running. I am super klutzy and always have a few near falls. Glad to hear you had fun!