Saturday, June 9, 2012

Boston's Harbor Walk

Today I went for a long run along the Harborwalk in Dorchester.  I started at Castle Island, which is one of my most favorite places for a run.  Castle Island is a beautiful part of Dorchester, with beaches along Boston Harbor, near South Boston.  You can see the Boston skyline, and run on a pedestrian bridge to the island where the ruins of Fort Independence lie.  Fort Independence is a granite fort, built in the early 1800's by the English, who were fighting the French for control over North America.  In the 18th century, it served as Massachusetts' first state prison, and Edgar Allan Poe's "The Cask of Amontillado" is based on Poe's experiences while serving on Castle Island in the Army.  Now, it is a beautiful park with kite-flying, bike-riding, and ice cream eating.  

This time, I didn't actually run past the Fort; instead, I ran south along the HarborWalk past the yacht clubs of South Boston, and the beaches of Dorchester Harbor.  At times, the path was paved, just beside road going toward Castle Island, and at times I was running along a boardwalk next to the ocean.  It couldn't have been more scenic.  Off in the distance, I saw my destination - the JFK Library.

 As I got closer to the JFK Library, I could look back and see the Boston skyline.  I never realized how close Castle Island is to Boston, and I now look forward to running the opposite direction from Castle Island, right into Boston.  There were scenic overlooks of Dorchester Harbor, and a beautiful complex of condos as I turned the corner to run past Boston College High and UMass Boston. 

 As I got closer, what was once just a shiny dot off in the distance - the reflection of the hot summer sun off the glass wall along the harbor - the JFK Library came into view.  The JFK Library was designed by Chinese-American architect I.M. Pei, who designed famous structures across the world, including the Suzhou Museum in China, and the Louvre in Paris.  The library and museum was dedicated in 1979 by President Carter and the Kennedy family.  A glass pavilion housing an enormous American flag overlooks Columbia Point, and Kennedy's sailboat, Victura lies just steps from the ocean. 

What a beautiful, scenic run.  I finished feeling great - like I could have kept going much further!  A great sign for an early summer long run.

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